hi and welcome to bekki bee social…

I am Bekki.

Bekki Bee was born after years of effectively being a free ‘on call’ Social Media Guro / Helpline (even more so during lockdown!) for friends, family and friends of friends of friends.

My background is originally in Marketing, both digital and traditional, with more than 8 years experience in the Property, Automotive and Not for Profit sectors.

Analytics is my thing. Mental, I know. But insights are my fav, especially when they’re in the green. This is what helps me help you when building your brand and presence on Social Media. I care about previous performance and find out how we can improve on that together.

But, I can’t sit here and promise to change your world. To take over and immediately double your following or increase your sales by 500% in a month with Facebook ads. But I will become part of your brand, learn about your audience and engage with your community.

I know you’re not really here for me and are more interested in what I can do for you, but I’m going to give you some facts anyway.

  • I am obsessed with apple crumble. I make it from scratch so I can demolish it as often as I like.
  • I once worked for Disney World Orlando, which was an absolute game changer.
  • I trekked the Himalayas with Coppafeel! (Who, by the way, are just the best!)
  • I live in Winchester with my rescue dog Brian, my rescue cat Elsa and my husband.

If you’ve got this far, don’t be shy. Get in touch. I would love to have a chat, even if it’s just about apple crumble recipes!